Jobs for Teens

Opportunities to gain work experience

This Way ONward is a program that provides the next generation with the first jobs, mentoring, skills and confidence they need to make their dreams a reality by partnering Boys & Girls Clubs with their local Old Navy stores. This Way ONward provides teens 16+ with:

  • Exposure to retail careers
  • Job readiness preparation
  • Opportunities to apply and interview for part-time and seasonal jobs
  • Coaching and support through the entire hiring process
How can your Club start the This Way ONward?

How can teens 16+ apply for jobs?

Hiring for potential, not credentials is a critical component of This Way ONward, and Old Navy seeks to recruit 5% of their entry-level store hires through by 2025. They recruit youth who may not have direct retail experience, but who have the desire to learn and grow into star employees. Specifically, Old Navy is targeting candidates who:

  • Are excited to learn
  • Are open to receiving and implementing feedback
  • Have a strong work ethic
  • Are at least 16 years old

Make sure teens note they are affiliated with Boys & Girls Clubs in Question 4 of the “Questions about Me” section of the application.

Current Incentives & Activations

Through September 30th we are offering $3,000 grants to Clubs that participate in an Application Drive or a Hiring Fair with their local Old Navy store(s). Application Drives are eligible when a Club has 10+ members apply for a Old Navy Job using the This Way ONward Link (above). Hiring Fairs are group interview events for Brand Associate positions at Old Navy and can be held virtually or in-person. For more information about this and other program incentives, see the 2021 Incentives Guide. For more information on planning a Hiring Fair and qualifying for the grant, see the Hiring Fair Guide.

This Way Onward Program

Helping teens take their skills to the next level by providing hands-on prep activities and real-world work experience.

Youth who participate in This Way Onward are invited to apply for a seasonal or part-time position at an Old Navy store where, if hired, they will practice what they’ve learned in a real work environment. The confidence, skills, behaviors and experiences youth can gain will transfer to jobs through their careers.

Participant Improvements*

Old Navy’s culture encourages its employees to give back to the community by providing time off for volunteering

In the Club, this can translate to Old Navy employees volunteering their time to support a variety of activities and programming. In addition, for every 25 hours a store team volunteers with the Club, they can request a $250 grant for that community organization.

*Results from a third-party 2019