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Boys & Girls Clubs prepare youth for great futures.

Far too many youth today feel ill prepared to take on life’s responsibilities, including being ready to succeed in the workforce. We help young people get ready for life’s next big steps, including the world of work. We know that kids start thinking early about their careers, and we want to expose and prepare them for as many options as possible by intentionally developing the skills they need to be career and life ready.

BGCA’s Workforce Readiness Great Think White Paper

Get expert advice and learnings from our Great Think: Workforce Readiness symposium in BGCA’s white paper, Building Economic Opportunity: Youth Workforce Readiness.

Promoting Your Workforce Readiness Program

Utilize the workforce marketing toolkit to demonstrate your impact to donors, parents, educators, and other audiences.

Through practical resources and practice guidance from research, case studies and local Clubs – the Workforce Readiness Toolkit helps Club professionals implement programs that ready youth for their future.

About the Toolkit

The Workforce Readiness Toolkit is a single source with samples, customizable tools and tips, and more to implement effective workforce programming.

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Jobs for Teens

This Way Ahead brings Boys & Girls Clubs and Old Navy stores together to provide teens 16+ exposure to retail careers, job readiness preparation, coaching, and more!

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